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Blackwell assists in promoting six of his colleagues in Kenpo Karate.

Bill Boyd’s Tracy’s Karate Studios and Wade Blackwell, owner of Blackwell Support Services, recently tested and promoted five high ranking martial artists in the art of Kenpo Karate. Blackwell, a fifth degree black belt, has dedicated the last twenty-eight (28) years to training and conditioning himself, students, and Blackwell employees.

Blackwell offers a co-op martial arts program (practical knowledge of close protection) for any employee wanting and willing to commit to the training. This “close protection” style of Kenpo not only centers on fight technique, but more importantly, on alertness, communication, confidence, and awareness utilized for providing corporate or residential services.

Working as a close protection agent is one of the most demanding jobs and therefore requires the best training available. Bill Boyd’s Tracy’s Karate Studio provides training solutions for private security. We train individuals and employees in the private sectors including security officers, lobby attendants, VIP services, and military.

Congratulations to Drew and Brendan Boyd, George Morris, Pat Walsh, Pepe Perales and Jay Milan. Job well done!

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