Client | Security | Carondelet, MO

“I speak to [Blackwell Team Member names redacted for privacy reasons] regularly and they are a breath of fresh air. I know they see and hear a lot around campus but are always diligent… such a HUGE change from the last company… Thanks again.”


Client | Lobby Services | Kansas City, MO

Alan always makes the weekends here feel very safe. He is always alert, engaged, professional, calm, and extremely kind. When we walk into the lobby whether it is from the elevator or coming into the building, Alan will stand every time. He is able to access the situation good or bad and take action. This is beyond incredible during a potential risky environment with so many people coming in and out of the building at all hours of the night. He is consistent in doing this whether it is 10pm, 2am, or 6:30am when I take our dogs outside. 

In addition, we have witnessed him handle some scenarios with the residents in a proactive, not reactive way that keeps the positive, safe feelings living here. 

He has an extremely likeable personality and his calm but firm presence helps facilitate our safety and positive experiences living here. 

We have enjoyed meeting Alan and find that his work ethic and friendliness goes above and beyond the usual employee we have seen over the years. 

Thank you for having him work here”


Client | Lobby Services | Clayton, MO

“I wanted to take a moment to share just how thankful we are regarding Charles’ outstanding work ethic, wonderful personality, and what he brings to [property redacted for privacy reasons].

Last night we had an emergency situation here at [property redacted for privacy reasons]..  This happened about 40 minutes prior to the end of his shift.  Charles got a call from a resident stating that they were at their neighbors door, the smoke alarms are going off and they can smell something burning.  Charles was quick to grab the keys to the unit and run over there.  When he opened the door the unit was filled with smoke.  As he went in, he removed the burning pot and placed it in the sink.  He then found the resident on the floor and he pulled her from the apartment into the corridor to get her out of the smoke and evaluate her until the fire department arrived.  During all of this Charles was calm and did everything he could to make sure everything was under control and taken care of.  He did an amazing job, and his quick actions possibly saved the resident’s life and a major fire.

I wanted you to know this, as Charles is truly an exceptional employee and represents Blackwell very positively.  He is a great team leader, and is always making sure he and his team are doing things in the best interest of both Blackwell and [property redacted for privacy reasons].”


Client | Corporate Security | Clayton, MO

“Just wanted to acknowledge Shantay for her hard work and dedication at [property redacted for privacy reasons]. Yesterday, she was acknowledged by Executive Vice President [name redacted] for her hard work on a daily basis. He thanked her for all that she does and also acknowledged her expert skills… She does a great job with communicating with me and is often missed when she is not present. She is a great asset to our team and I enjoy working side by side with her”.

“I want to give your Officer a big KUTOs for his assistance in helping me get the side (emergency exit) door alarm turned off while the 2 PI guys and myself had to break down the 6 pallets and move the contents into our facilities space. He was very professional, and pleasant in accommodating my requests.”

“I sat with Harlan from 5:30am to 7am, I watched him check-in 30 contractors in that time. Not a single check-in took more than 30 seconds… I have asked Harlan to continue to record any issues that would cause major delay… Harlan has committed to continue to help root out these issues and strives for the most efficient and effective process at the dock. He understands the current change in culture, where speed is of the utmost essence and continues adjusting to directed parameters. He is a valuable asset to our team.”

“Good afternoon, I just wanted to take a moment to send a kudos about your officer Durrand. I witnessed Durrand explain to a feisty courier why he needed to slow down and stop trying to push past or around [client] policy and procedure. It was articulated very smoothly and handled with a high level of professionalism. Well done, a quality officer with great potential.”

“Please pass on to your management how impressed [client] was with Durrand’s performance with the revolving doors today. Durrand has shown a mastery of his craft that exceeds expectation. I appreciate his hard work, dependability, and team mentality”


Client | Lobby Services | St. Louis, MO

“Just wanted to give the compliment that Anthony has been amazing and such a pleasure to have here today! He’s been so helpful and the residents just love having him up here.”

“Yay to Christine. She really is a star.”

“Oh my goodness what an amazing Blackwell Team! Yes, thank you Doug and your Team for going the distance on this one as Wade states. Although I was a bit stressed with the situation I knew we were in good hands with Blackwell doing the fire watch”

“I was at [property redacted for privacy reasons] last week and since I had my dog with me that I had to take out front I had several opportunities to interact with four of your front desk employees. Anthony is AMAZING. He is definitely an asset and is my dream front desk employee. I did not catch the females name but she was also very friendly and helpful.”


Client | Corporate Security | Des Peres, MO

“I just wanted to tell you how much I appreciate Meg’s assistance at our [property redacted for privacy reasons] office in Des Peres while we’re all still working from home. 

Meg is always willing to assist, ensuring I know which entrance to deliver to so delivery drivers aren’t lost or frustrated, personally getting a dolly to deliver catering food and Staples office supply orders to conference rooms, e-mailing me when items have arrived, etc.

I realize this is outside and in addition to Meg’s regular job duties but she always goes above & beyond so I wanted to make sure you were aware.

Meg has a fantastic attitude and is always pleasant no matter how busy she is.”


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