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Blackwell, Inc. Featured in St. Louis Commerce Magazine

President and CEO,
Blackwell Inc.

When Wade Blackwell, president and CEO of Blackwell Inc., speaks of his company, he reminds one of a new father: wildly devoted, bursting with pride, and filled with lofty dreams.

This intense 46-year-old, who “has never lost a battle in [his] life,” has reason to be excited. Since starting Blackwell Inc. five years ago, Blackwell, a St. Louis native, has watched it grow into an operation with about 50 employees. The Olivette-based company analyzes, designs, and implements specialized security programs for clients like Reuters America, Deloitte, and the Plaza in Clayton.

Blackwell Inc., has also teamed with the Clayton police department, to provide security at such high-profile events as the St. Louis Art Fair and the St. Louis Jazz Festival.

Blackwell is, however, perhaps proudest of his efforts to overcome the negative stereotypes attached to his industry.

“We have helped bring respect back to the security scene,” says Blackwell, who, for the past 25 years, has trained as a martial artist.

“When you walk down the streets and look into lobbies, you know when there’s a Blackwell officer there. Underneath the uniforms, there are bona fide, highly trained, sophisticated security officers.”

Blackwell describes himself as “an old soul in a young guy’s body” and demands excellence. He adheres to high standards when recruiting, paying, and training his personnel. It is, therefore, no coincidence that he has never lost an account. After all, Blackwell only retains officers who are as passionate about security as he is, and who, above all, understand the value of civility.

Blackwell Inc. offers a myriad of security-related programs, including internal theft investigation, security officer training, and loss control.

“I love fixing things,” says Blackwell. “It’s rewarding to turn an unsecured and disorganized property lobby, where security is concerned, into a working machine.”

While Blackwell expects to witness the growth of his “baby” over the next several years, for him, the measure of success lies not in size, but in quality.

“We’re not necessarily wanting to be the biggest,” he says. “Just the best.”

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