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Blackwell Professional Security Services

by tony di martino

IN A SOCIAL LANDSCAPE LITTERED WITH HIGH CRIME, low standards and even lower expectations, Blackwell Professional Security Services strives to be a fortress of integrity and expertise. “It’s our goal to redefine security services in the eyes of our industry, and more important, in the eyes of our clients,” says founder and CEO Wade Blackwell. “We use a collaborative approach to address the needs of each business, always staying true to our cornerstones of respect and excellence.”

Blackwell Inc. provides security and professional support services for dozens of clients throughout the St. Louis metropolitan area, Chicago and Indianapolis, including top businesses, banks, country clubs, healthy facilities and nursing homes. Wade Blackwell, a black belt in kenpo karate, says his background in martial arts propelled him toward the security industry. He worked at two firms before starting his own business in 1999. “The other firms were national outfits, but I knew a locally owned and operated agency would better understand the needs of our community and have a sense of stewardship toward its safety and protection,” he explains. He now has more than 150 full- and part-time employees. Offerings include corporate, industrial, event and warehouse security, as well as investigation services. The firm also provides doormen, lobby attendants, concierges and outsourced receptionists.

Besides ensuring a safe environment, Blackwell says top-notch security services make a positive impact on clients’ revenue growth, sustainability and shareholder value. “We’re a profit center for your business, not just a cost,” he says. “We help clients achieve increased occupancy, tenant retention and guest satisfaction. We deliver similar results for industrial and warehouse properties.” Blackwell officers are typically the first and last individuals encountered when people enter and exit a property. “Their outstanding services makes a positive impression, enhancing your image and improving your bottom line.”

Blackwell realizes the security business has a dodgy reputation. “That’s why we employ only well-trained, highly experienced protection professionals, holding them to strict standards of skill, integrity, physical fitness, performance and a razor-sharp appearance,” he says. The ‘Blackwell look’ includes impeccable uniforms or tailored suits, shirt and tie, and polished patent leather shoes. “Blackwell pros are the elite,” he says. “We systematically train each officer to be alert, aware and responsive, emphasizing a thorough knowledge of security protocol. They are respectful, courteous and helpful toward others. They serve as the eyes and ears of your business or building, handling security situations with skill, restraint, discretion and a firm resolve. At a time when there is little regard for safety, civility or property, our clients are confident we’ve got their back.”

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