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Christmas For Our Boys In Service

A “BIG THANK YOU” to those that contributed to the Christmas Card and Gift Campaign for Cpl. Steven Cheney and his Platoon in Afghanistan. The generosity and enormous response in just a ten (10) day period was overwhelming. Our staff shipped nine (9) medium size boxes (316 pounds) full of goodies to the Marines. WOW!!!!!!

I know that Steve and his Marine buddies are going to be ecstatic when they open the boxes. We put a few surprises in there as well. I have sent an email to Steve to warn him of the deluge of cardboard and tape coming his way and to have a camera ready. I am hoping to get back some photos that I can display on our website showing Steve’s Marine Unit opening the boxes and handing out gifts to one another.

Be proud of yourselves for extending your thoughts and prayers and contributions during the holidays, for the men and women serving our country. You guys are the greatest!!! Please thank all of your friends, employees, family members, and colleagues for their participation.

Wade Blackwell – President

Here’s What They Had to Say


The boxes have arrived and pictures have been taken. I tried to get creative with some pictures, but haven’t seen them yet. Everyone really enjoys the Cigars. There are a few boxes that I put in the armory for safe keeping just for that plane ride home. Since there were so many of them, I started walking around asking Marines about a cigar night. I just walked up to this full bird Colonel and bent his ear for about 10 min. He says that he might come down some time and smoke a cigar with us, if his Officers let him. I took a few pictures of the guys smoking their cigars. Funny, one of the Marines just got the news that his 8lb-10oz little boy was born the day before. Weird. Everyone is still excited to be here, but would rather be somewhere else.

Let everyone know that we thank them for everything and their support for us. As soon as I find something out about coming home, I will let you know. I know it’s too soon, but who knows… right. Well its 12:00 am (midnight) here. Going out again in a few days.

Thank EVERYONE from,

GSMT Co. CLC-252 Headquarters, First Platoon, and Second Platoon

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