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David C. Miller from St. Louis Regional Airport on Blackwell Inc.

Dear Mr. Blackwell:

Recently, I was reviewing the airport’s accomplishments and highlights in preparation for a “State of the Airport” address. One of the most significant events was a recent return of a Wounded Warrior hero–a U.S. Marine Corp officer who was wounded in Afghanistan and suffered a grueling year in rehabilitation.

His return prompted a turnout of over 1,000 greeters including local, state, and federal officials and politicians. It also attracted the attention of dissenters and antagonist including the Westboro Baptist Church from Topeka, Kansas.

With this high visibility event, I needed the best kind of security I could find. That is when you and your crew stepped in. Your crew demonstrated the highest level of professionalism and an uncanny ability to defuse even the most delicate of situations.

However, the real compliment came from my own board of commissioners: They complimented me for having the good sense to call on you. You may have been discrete to the crowd, but your results were profound. You have redefined security and elevated your profession to the highest level.

Thanks, again, for a job well done.


David C. Miller
Airport Manager
St. Louis Regional Airport


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