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Disabled Athlete Sports Association

Bill Boyd’s -Tracy’s Karate Studios, teams up with Blackwell, Inc., to sponsor DASA’s young athletes in the skills of martial arts.

DASA (Disabled Athlete Sports Association) young athletes squared off weekly with Black Belt Instructor, Wade Blackwell, at the Ranken Jorden facility in Maryland Heights to learn the skills of Kenpo Karate.

The eight (8) week program educated the athletes in martial arts, stretching, coordination, concentration, awareness, confidence, and building strength.

On completion of the program, each athlete received a Tracy’s Karate Studio “Kenpo Karate – Introduction Completion” certificate and a Tracy’s Karate Kenpo T-Shirt.

On behalf of Bill Boyd’s -Tracy’s Karate Studios and Blackwell, Inc., we want to thank the athletes, parents and members of DASA for allowing us the time to work with, and get to know, on a one on one basis, these fine young athletes.

A Little About DASA – Discover the Ability Within

DASA encourages cognitively age appropriate children who are physically disabled, visually impaired, deaf or hard of hearing to discover their abilities through therapeutic sports and fitness activities, camps, and competition. Discover your abilities…

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